Mini-Infuser™ NCA

human pump

The Mini-Infuser™ NCA pump is intended to be used for medication delivery, such as in post-surgical pain management, with hospitalized patients.  Mini-Infuser™ NCA pump is a disposable, single-use product with a maximum of 72 hours use providing programmable bolus format Nurse Controlled Analgesia.  In this mode nurses can maximize patient comfort without programming or repetitive preparation. 

The pump is simply used by

  1. fill the pump in the pharmacy with the prescribed medication
  2. affix the pump to the patient with built-in adhesive
  3. insert subcutaneous infusion set in patient
  4. select bolus size and administer with button push

Continue with medication therapy as needed up to 72 hours.  Dispose of used pump.

 human nra


  • single use
  • bolus size range is factory programmed
  • 72 hour subcutaneous bolus delivery
  • adjustable bolus size to patient needs
  • bolus administration managed by nurse PRN
  • light weight
  • patients can ambulate free of external lines and poles and even shower
  • built-in adhesive


  • decreases time to medication for improved patient comfort
  • decrease labor costs
  • decrease medication errors
  • superior bolus medication therapy
  • standardize medication therapy
  • decreases infection risk
  • Reduce or eliminate capital equipment expenditures and associated carrying costs