We put a special premium on a partner relationship where we can create common interests and grow together. Often our Mini-Infuser™ could be directly or indirectly related to your process or product. Medipacs® believes its polymer is a platform technology. We believe many partnerships can be developed in the medical sector as well as many outside of the medical sector. As a result we have developed this section exclusively for partners to underscore our interest and will soon offer special limited access here for those partners who have a serious interest in working with us.

Why Partner With Medipacs®?

Though ideas throughout our website topics are compelling, it’s useful to make a final review of three prestigious yet completely different international market research firms who reached essentially some of the same conclusions about our specific market.

We have already thoroughly reviewed Roots Analysis in the website which isolates the dynamic projected 8 Billion dollar market within 10 years in a 2013 report of the wearable infusion devices.

The research group, Marketstrat*, in 2009, took note of the “spate of infusion pump recalls and urgent device alerts” (which has plagued the market since), yet still believed the drug infusion market was poised for significant growth. A good reason for this is the unfortunate rising rates of aging-related chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, neurological conditions among others.

*Marketstrat, Inc. Infusion Pumps Worldwide Market, 2009 and 2013)

In international markets, the US is number one, yet Europe, particularly France will be catching up and adding to this already substantial market potential.

A study released out of London as recent as April 2014 by Market Watch entitled “The Worldwide Market for Infusion Pumps” published by Kalorama confirms this trend. See human market.

As with Market Watch, Roots Analysis, and Marketstrat on this site, you have the recurring themes: sharply rising demand, concerns for safety, and a need for newer technology–themes which by themselves advocate for the Mini-Infuser™.

Low cost, portable, disposable, lightweight, comfortable, solid state with no bulky mechanical parts, highly accurate, wireless transmission technology for remote monitoring, along with Sub Q and IV Capability are qualities that will position the Mini-Infuser™ as a market leader under those conditions so clearly laid out in these studies.

Final Thoughts

You might say that the common wisdom that guides many investors or partners can be found in the answers to the following fundamental questions:

> Is the Brand Unique and Well Defined?

> Does the Product fill a Need?

> Is it Superior to the Competition?

> What are the Management and Staff like?

The Brand?

Describing the special nature of our brand requires little effort because of its uniqueness. Simply put it is a totally new technology with no equal. Much of the website is devoted to this aspect and a number of experts from various fields have given testimony to the special features of the Mini-Infuser™. Finally for those interested we can provide further information to this effect. Please contact the number below.

Filling a Need?

If Roots Analysis and the other forecasters are to be believed, the Mini-Infuser™ will be at the center of a market surge during the next 10 years (see above) as wearable infusion devices alone reach upwards to 8 billion dollars. And this market will include a more discriminating clientele in search of the kind of technology that we offer.

Superior to the Competitors?

A quick comparative review on the Internet of the top portable drug delivery systems alongside the Mini-Infuser™ should answer that question.

Management and Staff?

We welcome you to come visit our offices in San Diego and sit down with our management, technical and support staff. You will not find a more dedicated, innovative, and entrepreneurial group in or out of our business.

Thank you very much for your interest and we look forward to working with you if a collaboration of mutual benefit can be reached.