Human Products

The Medipacs® human product in development benefits from the experience and success of our veterinary product.  Certain market conditions at this time make a launch of a Mini-Infuser for the needs of patients very compelling.

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For example, a comprehensive global study called The Worldwide Market for Infusion Pumps appeared in Market Watch on April 16, 2014. It was published by Kalorama Information, which has done market research for more than 30 years for the medical markets, including Biotechnology, Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare in general. Yahoo Finance calls this study the most current and complete research into infusion pump devices used for patient treatment and nutrition. It reports on such topics:

> World demographics & increasing life expectancy

> Growing incidence of disease

> Steady surgical procedure volumes

> Infusion pump recalls

> Reducing medication errors with new infusion pumps

> Smart pump technology

> Home infusion trends

> Connectivity solutions and wireless networks

> Infusion pumps and ‘High-Alert’ medications

> Reducing hospital inpatient length of stay and increases in home health care

> Medical device growth in emerging markets

It comes as no surprise that this reflects many of the conditions highlighted by the research groups that can be found on this document and throughout our website.  You have the same recurring themes: rising demand, concerns for safety, and a need for newer technology — or a market seeking qualities identified with the Mini-Infuser™.  Our website has many such examples which strongly favor the Mini-Infuser™ for both human and veterinary use.  For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.